Mystery Files: The Intruder

Years ago I started a ghost hunting group with a friend of mine, Thea, and we hung around for a few years before finally disbanding. We were doing our thing just before the hit show Ghost Hunters was first aired, and we still do, just not together. We live too far away.

While we had our group we had a website and we tried to put interesting stuff on it. One of our (very small) features was called “Mystery Files.” We were given, by a very credible source, official documents about strange and mysterious stuff. Kind of like the X-Files. Due to security reasons we weren’t allowed to give out our sources name or where the files actually come from, but they were actual official forms, filled out by official people, documenting craziness.

I recently looked up our old website via the Wayback Machine and found those old files. Here is one of them.

Mystery Files: The Intruder

There was a report filed in 2002 stating that a woman in downtown called in about a prowler in her home. It seems the woman had come home and saw a man standing on her stairs. She dropped the bag she was holding and ran out to a neighbors house to call the police. When the police arrived they searched the house and found no one, nor any sign of forced entry. The woman called and had her locks changed that day.

A few days later she came back home from having lunch, walked in and glanced at the stairs and saw the man standing there. Again she ran from her home to a neighbors and called the police, where again they came and searched her home, and saw no sign of any one and no sign of forced entry.

This happened around three more times over the course of about four weeks.

Upon speaking to the lady one of the deputies asked her to call him the next time she went out, as he would like to enter the home with her. The next day the lady went out to the grocery, called the deputy and he entered the home with her. The deputy immediately noticed the man standing on the staircase and also noticed right away that he could see a fog around the man. As the deputy started up the stairs, all the while telling the man not to move, the man on the stairs vanished.

The woman who owns the home still witnesses the man on the stairs to this day.


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