Mystery Files: The Ouija Experience

Years ago I started a ghost hunting group with a friend of mine, Thea, and we hung around for a few years before finally disbanding. We were doing our thing just before the hit show Ghost Hunters was first aired, and we still do, just not together. We live too far away.

While we had our group we had a website and we tried to put interesting stuff on it. One of our (very small) features was called “Mystery Files.” We were given, by a very credible source, official documents about strange and mysterious stuff. Kind of like the X-Files. Due to security reasons we weren’t allowed to give out our sources name or where the files actually come from, but they were actual official forms, filled out by official people, documenting craziness.

I recently looked up our old website via the Wayback Machine and found those old files. Here is one of them.

Mystery Files: The Ouija Experience

A few years ago a disturbance call was made to a police station about 4 kids in a home who had become violent. This is what happened when the police had arrived.

In June of 2002 one of the local Sheriffs offices was dispatched to a domestic disturbance. When the deputy arrived he was amazed at what he saw. Four young people, two girls, one 15 years old weighing 98 lbs and the other 17 and weighing 122 lbs. The other were two young men, one who was 16 and another 18. Both young men were football players on the local team and weighed about 210 each.

The four young people had gathered at the youngest girls home and was playing with a ouija board. One of the young men stated that they had messed around with it all evening but about an hour after starting to play things started to happen. One of the young men stated that the girls “just went crazy”. It was stated that the girls were telling them that someone was in their head, telling them to kill the boys, to kill them both. Upon hearing this the boys started to go up the stairs but were followed by the girls. Evidently there were harsh words back and forth between the teens with the girls stating over and over for them to run, or they would have to kill them.

The girls mother heard this and came into the room to ask what the problem was, and evidently thats when things started to get bad. The girls were said to be throwing items, cussing, speaking in tongue, threatening to kill everyone in the house. The mother went to the kitchen and called the police. When the deputy arrived he saw the youngest girl holding one of the boys 6 inches off the ground, shaking him, saying over and over that he should have run, and the other girl was chasing the other young man with a knife.

The deputy immediately called for back up and used his pepper spray on both girls. Both girls were tested for drugs and alcohol and were found to be clean of all substances. The youngest girl to this day is in a state hospital and the oldest spent about 8 months on a psych ward. Both young men swore that the girls were speaking in tongue and strange voices. What really happened here? You decide.


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  1. Spoke to a reliable source. He has a few other things he’s gonna get to me..

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