The Inn Pt. 4

I picked my wife up from work this morning and she told me she had some interesting things happen to her last night while at the Inn.

She told me she had to go downstairs to get paperwork. As she was walking down the steps she noticed one of the elevators moving from the second floor to the first, almost following her. When she got to the bottom of the steps there was nobody waiting to get on the elevator, and nobody on the elevator.

Back at her station she got a call. On her caller ID she noticed it was coming from an extension somewhere in the Inn but when she answered the phone all she heard was dead air. She disconnected the call and then dialed that extension. The phone in front of her coworker who sits right next to her, rang. He had quite obviously not called her from his phone, and his extension is not the one that had called her. In fact, the extension that called her does not exist.

Creepy? She was freaked out and more than happy to leave when I showed up.


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