The Inn Pt. 3

Tonight I picked up my wife from work and she was telling me how her and one of the security guards had been talking about some of the haunted stuff that goes on at their job. She told me about his experiences.

Every night he works he has some sort of report thing that he has to get from a room way down a hall at a certain time, yet he puts it off until an hour later every night. She always thought he was lazy until tonight when he told her twice he went off to get that report and both times he saw a thick white mist in the hall pass by him. Both times it happened at 3:10 AM. So now he waits until 4 to do the report and he hasn’t seen it since.

And then just as my wife and I were walking out of the building we came upon the set of doors we were going to exit through to get to our car. The doors lock so that you have to use a key card to get in from the outside. There’s also a handicap button you can press that will open the doors for you.

As we got to the doors, the door on my side swung open for me. Neither my wife or I had pressed that button and there was nobody on the other side opening the door for us.


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