The Inn Part 2

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this story yet. On another night while I was hanging out at my wife’s work I decided I would pay their ridiculous prices for a bottle of pop and I asked where the vending machines were. She directed me down the hall, so off I went.

I walked past the bathroom with the paper towel dispenser that dispenses towels for nobody and continued down the long hallway looking for the vending room. She had told me it was just past the bend in the hallway and I found out that it was way down the hall past the bend in the hallway. Had I been a guest there, I would have complained about her horrible directions.

I found the room and the door to it was propped open. I walked into the room and looked at the vending machines to see what I wanted. Suddenly I heard a slam and turned to see the door had shut itself. I tried to put a dollar into the machine and it wouldn’t take it, nor would it take coins. I left the room with nothing purchased.

As I left the room I tried to prop the door open and it wouldn’t stay open on its own. What a fun place!


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