That Silverton Home

When I had to leave my Grandmother’s house just after she passed away, my girlfriend and I moved into a house in Silverton, OH. We didn’t have much of a choice in where to go and we didn’t have much time to find a place. We really only moved into this house because we had to. Personally, I really didn’t care much for it, but accepted it for what it was.

Shortly after moving in, odd things started happening. I dealt with it, my wife was freaked out by it, and after we left eight months later, I’m glad we had gone.

The house was tiny and the basement was strange. Every time I went to the basement I felt as if someone were watching me. I would go down there alone, but never liked to. And I don’t scare easily. One thing that happened regularly in the house was the sound of what sounded like a gallows’ trap door dropping. And the sound always seemed to come from the basement.

In the kitchen we had a blind covering the window. It was the type that you had to tug on to get it to go up. We never had luck with it, as it was old and didn’t work properly. We always had to tug on it constantly just to get it to do something. Unless it wanted to go about things on its own, which it did more than a few times. Without being touched by us, the blind would roll all the way up effortlessly. We assumed it was just because it was old and didn’t work right, but the spring inside that helped it to roll up wasn’t so great. When we’d get it to go up, we had to force it to go all the way up, and it did so slowly, most times not even making it all the way up. When it did it on its own, however, it would go all the way up, quickly, as if it were brand new.

I know that is something that can be explained away, but it is an incident, regardless of what caused it, just like this one. In the living room there was a light on the ceiling in the center of the room and it had a pull string on it. The first couple of times it happened I was in another room and just heard it. I would hear a click coming from that pull string and I would look at it and although the light was never on or off when it shouldn’t be, the string would be swaying hard, as if someone had tugged on it and let go.

That had gone on quite a few times until one day I was sitting in the living room on the couch without the TV on and I was just relaxing. I had my head back on the couch and I was looking right at the light when it happened. Talk about a racing heart.

The rest of our problems occurred outside. We had some horrible neighbors. Almost every day that we lived there we would find garbage in our front yard. This garbage was never found in any other yard around us, but after picking it up a few times I’d discover more of it in our yard the same day. I never caught them doing it, but I know they were.

On more than one occasion while I was cutting the grass in the backyard, I would go along the fence that separated our back yards and nothing would be there, but on my return trip around the yard I would find several pieces of garbage littering the yard, right alongside the fence. Thinking about it now I should have had my wife keep an eye on the yard from the house to see who was doing it, but we never did.

Aside from the garbage, I can’t explain the other things. At night, I’d let my dogs outside and I would sit on the back porch while they did their business. All too often they would get to the porch with me and look up at the top of the neighbors garage and growl or bark, usually growl, and their hair would stand up. I never saw anything there.

On one night I happened to catch some movement in the back of their yard. They had a small shed in the back corner of their yard that was on the other side of the fence from our yard. Behind their yard was a privacy fence. On this night, I saw a shadow move from the shadow the shed made on the fence out about five feet from it, making its own shadow on the fence. It was dark, but I could make out that it was just a shadow, and there was nothing to cause it. The shadow was the form of a person, and in order for it to be there, the person would have to have been standing right in front of the fence, but nothing was there. I kept an eye on it for ten minutes and it never moved again. I never saw that shadow there again.

I don’t know what was going on in the house, and I never felt anything strange in particular, but I always felt as if I wasn’t alone in the house. I’m glad we’re gone, I hated the house, the neighbors, and the city.


2 responses to “That Silverton Home

  1. Freaky scary. Over a year since the post so I don’t expect a response…just enjoying more of the writing is all. My moms upstairs is haunted…my niece felt it..I laughed until I experienced some freaky Shit. I felt.cord around my neck and saw something icky go through my moms armoir. Normally that door sticks, but the morning after, it opened freely….brr. I’ve also had something whisper “you’re here” as I was falling asleep after my 8 hr drive home…I attributed it to delirium, but now I’m not so sure.

  2. This world is full of shit we’ll never be able to explain. I like to leave my mind open to those possibilities. Some others don’t. And that’s fine, to each their own, but I’ve experienced too much shit in my life to think there isn’t something else out there. Something unexplained. I’d like to hear more of your stories sometime. Email them to me 🙂

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