A few years ago I had planned a trip to Mansfield Reformatory to do an all night ghost hunt. What a blast that turned out to be, so much so that I’m looking forward to going back as soon as possible. Well, I have been looking forward to it since then, which was about 7 years ago now… yeesh…

Anyway, before I went there I was informed to check out this other place on the way, which happens to be down the road from the Reformatory. It’s called Malabar Farm State Park, and it’s nestled deep in the back woods of Mansfield. Get good directions before going or take someone with you who knows their way around, or you won’t get there.

The thing with Malabar is, it’s haunted by the spirit of a woman who used to live there named Ceely Rose. In 1896 Ceely murdered her family there. You see, she was in love with the neighbor boy, Guy Berry. They both attended the same one room school house, which is still standing just down the road from their houses. The kids there used to make fun of Ceely for being slow, and he stood up for her. She fell in love. He was too nice to say he wasn’t interested, so she persisted by telling everyone they were going to get married.

Apparently, her dad was furious that she was spreading these lies, and he forbid her to ever see him again. This made her so mad that the next morning she made them all breakfast, dumped some rat poison in their cottage cheese and they all ate. Her father died right away, her brother died about a week later. Her mom didn’t eat as much of it, so she survived. Eventually though, after her mother spoke of moving them away from the area, and of course away from Guy, Ceely re-poisoned her mother and finished the job.

Ceely was finally caught and tried for the murders. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was sent to the Toledo Asylum. In 1915 she was shipped off to the Lima State Hospital where she lived until 1934. It would seem now, though, that Ceely is back at home, close to her one true love, Guy Berry.

I pulled all of that info from a piece Mark Jordan had written a few years ago about it. Mark has written a play about it and the theater group he’s apart of performed it on the stage in the main barn there at the park. He told me that they had technical issues the entire time as well. I believe he’s either still writing it, or he has written a book about Ceely as well.

Luckily when I went, I was met by Mark Jordan who got me there on the first try and gave me a nice tour of the place. While I was there, I did encounter some things, but instead of thinking back 7 years and telling it again, I hunted down an email I had sent to Grave Addiction about my time there. Here’s part of that email with the details of what I’m writing this blog about.

We then decided to go in the barn since most of the people had cleared out. I immediately walked over to the back door that everyone had the problems with and I felt a little presence there. I started taking pictures and Laura and Mark just kind of walked around a little bit. Suddenly I got a strong feeling of a serious presence right near the front corner of the stage on the side of the door.

I got lightheaded quick, as sometimes that happens with me and strong energies. I grabbed for the beam and realized I had to sit down. Mark had just walked past me so I turned to him and told him I needed help, but I think it all happened so fast that he didn’t know what to do and so I just sat myself down on the bench. The feeling stayed with me, almost tormenting me.

I got up and said I had to leave the barn and I walked out as fast as possible without running into anything, because at this point my mind was very clouded with this energy and the pictures and thoughts pouring into my head. When I got outside the energy was still with me, though going away. It felt like the presence was making sure I left the barn.

And the vision in my head of who it was…chilling. I only experienced this kind of anger in a “spirit” one other time and that was scary enough…it was the Bobby Mackey ghost. So I definitely wanted to leave. But this is what I saw. It was a woman for sure. She was wearing a bonnet and a dress, both of the period when I guess Ceely would’ve been living. Both seemed to be a dark red color. All I saw past that was the look on her face, and it wasn’t friendly. She had her teeth gritted and a very angry look on her face.

Whether this was Ceely or someone else, I don’t know. I didn’t get a name. Actually, I didn’t get anything more than what I just described. That and the thought that whoever this woman is, she doesn’t want me there and she was VERY angry. Come to think of it, the feeling was also kind of like she was just very mad that there were all these people there, probably all day, and she didn’t want any more company, so she escorted me and my company out.

I don’t know. Whoever it is, it didn’t seem like Ceely to me. And I only say that because everyone that emailed you seems to like Ceely’s ghost and say she’s playful. This one wasn’t nice or playful, at least to me. I want to go back sometime though to do a more thorough investigation.

I then sent another email to the site with what I’m about to tell you. When I had visioned that lady in my head, it was disturbing. The face was creepy and the anger was real. It’s been burned in my head ever since and still haunts me occasionally. After I sent that email I did a search on Ceely Rose to see if there was a picture of her anywhere and I found one that sent chills up and down my spine. The picture showed the same face that was burned into my memory. Here’s that picture.

Creepy. So, that’s my story. I walked around, went on a great tour of a great place and was chased out by Ceely. I’d love to go back there as well to get a little more investigating in. Maybe the next time I go to Mansfield Reformatory…


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