The House That Raised Me Pt. 5

Recently I got to speak to my dad about the things that happened in The House. I asked him if there were any occurrences that happened that I might not know about. This is what he told me.

We had a pull down staircase that led up to the attic. This staircase was in the ceiling of the Utility Room. He told me some of the first things to ever happen in the house was this staircase, coming down, completely unfolded, on its own.

Both the first and second times it happened he’d go up to the attic, which we didn’t use for anything, and he’d search around to make sure nobody was up there. He’d also check the back door, which was just a few feet from the staircase, to make sure it was locked. Everything always checked out, and the staircase only did this a couple of times.

Skeptical, my step mom said that it probably just fell open. My dad had her try to open it, and she couldn’t. It was a new staircase and it was very hard to pull down. I remember as a kid living there, my sisters and I would sometimes play up there, and it was always difficult to open the staircase.

He also told me of the back door, always slamming open or shut. Nobody would ever be there.

I never knew of these things. And then he told me this…

I originally posted about what had gone on between the owners of the house who owned it before the people we bought it from. Well, my dad just told me a different story.

He had spoken with one of our neighbors who had lived on the street many years. He told my dad that the man and wife did have an argument, however, instead of the woman leaving the house and then being locked out by her husband causing her to dive back into the house through the living room window, he had shoved her during the fight and she went through the window, the broken glass slitting her throat and killing her. Apparently, the man then killed himself in the house.

My dad also told me the people we bought the house from had told my mom and dad that they were selling because his uncle or dad had won the lottery and were building them a nice new house somewhere. Our neighbor told us it was because of the hauntings in the house that drove them out, and they had only lived in the house for a year, maybe less.


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