The Apartment Pt. 4

Christmas time came and Tammy came back to the apartment to have a little get together with some of our friends. We typically got together the night before Christmas Eve, called it Christmas Steve, and had a good time.

I had sprung my ankle the day before, so I wasn’t doing much to help get ready, but everybody else had it covered. My girlfriend was there, the one who bought me the tab book, and two other friends were there, John and Jessica.

While they were all mostly in the kitchen and dining room making tasty treats for the night, I was sitting in my chair in the living room. I had hobbled to the VCR and put in a tape that we were all going to watch. I can’t remember at this point what it was, but that isn’t necessary.

I had the VCR on pause, while I waited for the rest of them to settle in; the remote to the VCR in my lap. At one point, the video started playing. I knew that VCR very well, and this wasn’t one of its functions, to just randomly play whenever it felt like it. Apparently, whatever it was we were about to watch was something Pink wanted to see.

I picked up the remote and paused the video again. Only a couple of seconds went by and the screen turned completely blue as it did when there was no signal being broadcast, and the tape ejected out of the VCR. I guess if we weren’t going to watch it right away, we weren’t allowed to watch it at all.

I had my girlfriend push the tape back into the VCR and everything for the rest of the night went without a hitch.

Lastly, one night I had been out late driving around with Jessica. We spent the night talking about ghosts, like the ones in her house bothering her and Pink. When she dropped me off at my apartment at, I do believe 3 AM, I climbed the steps to the first floor and opened my door. I instantly felt a presence at the door, and it was strong. I said, “Oh, hello Pink”. I could feel the presence move past me in a hurry and leave. I laughed. Apparently Pink didn’t like his new name.

Nothing after that ever happened there, that I can recall. The only thing I regret is not talking to more of my neighbors to find out if things were happening in their apartments as well. I had figured, if an entire house can be haunted, then why not an apartment building? After all, the spirit has full access to each apartment. Chances are good my place wasn’t the only one haunted. If only I spoke to someone…


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