That Place With The Devil Pt. 1

A few years ago I was asked by a friend of mine to check out a house of one of their friends. Because of the sensitivity of the matter, I will not recall their names, but give them other names.

The information I was given before going there was the house was haunted. Many reported doors opening and shutting on their own, the TV changing channels and switching itself on and off, and things being thrown around the house. I was also told about the oldest daughter, eight years old at the time, who was being tormented by these spirits. I’ll refer to her as Eight. Other than that, I was left to find the rest out on my own.

I spoke with the woman who lived there, whom I’ll call Lady, about coming over for a visit. She said it was no problem but I couldn’t mention to the kids that I was there because of the ghosts. We didn’t want to scare them.

Aside from the oldest daughter experiencing the problems, there was a five year old boy (Five) and a newborn boy, maybe a year old (Baby). Lady’s husband worked nights, so he wouldn’t be there. He didn’t believe in ghosts anyway, and thought it was all a bunch of crap. But, he wasn’t there at night when things got crazy.

I went over with a couple mutual friends for the night, or as long as we could help. We really didn’t plan on staying all night, although Lady wanted me to, just to get a good experience of everything that happened.

After I arrived I walked around the house getting a feel for it. It’s a nice house, but the air was definitely thick. As I walked around, the kids played and enjoyed our company. It was almost their bed time.

Lady went into the basement to check on her laundry, so I followed, as did Five. Once down there, I felt an energy that at first didn’t seem to be happy I found it and it moved away from me every time I got near it.

The boy led me to a spot where there were some boxes piled up and some toys were in them. He said to me, “these belong to my brother and sister. But they’re dead now.”

Creepy much? He said it like it was no big thing, but I knew his brother and sister were upstairs and just fine. His mother turned to him and scolded him for saying that. He apologized and went back upstairs. I went with him.

Once the kids were in bed, I got to sit down with Lady, my two friends joined us as did the baby, who played on the floor. She began to fill me in on some of the other things going on.

At this point, we were in a room they had added on joining the house with the garage. It had previously been a breeze way. Their dog was shut in the garage and he stayed quiet most of the time. From where I was sitting, I could look through the door into the house, directly into the dining room and then the kitchen, followed by the hallway leading to the bedrooms and the bathroom.

What I found out was, since she was five, Eight had been experiencing two spirits who would come to her at night. They’d slap her and pull her hair and harm her and tell her if she didn’t kill her mother, they’d kill her. There was a dark one and a light one.

On more than one occasion, Lady would wake up and see her daughter standing at the foot of her bed just staring at her, clutching a big knife in her hand that she had gotten from the kitchen.

They started putting up a baby gate in Eight’s doorway to keep her in her room at night. She started climbing over it.

Then they put a second one on top of the first. Eight pushed her dresser to it, opened the drawers and used them to climb up and over it, to get out of her room. When I heard this I had a look at the dresser. It would’ve been hard for me to move it by myself and I’m no slouch. But a five year old girl?

I was also shown three paper grocery bags on the counter in their kitchen. They were all completely full of samples of eight different kinds of medicine the doctors had put the girl on to suppress whatever was going on, only the doctors weren’t completely sure of it. This poor girl had to take eight different medications a day. Of course none of them helped.

So Eight was getting out of her room, pulling a chair from the dining room into the kitchen, climbing up on it, getting in the drawers and pulling out giant knives to go kill her mom. The spirits told her to.

Lady told me her daughter would have complete mood swings in an instant. One time as Lady was walking through the living room, her daughter was laying on the floor playing with those letter blocks that have a different letter on each side, usually in different colors. Eight had them lined up on the floor just how she wanted them. She was kicking her feet and humming and happy. Lady accidentally hit one with her foot as she walked by and knocked it out of place. Eight threw a fit, flopping around on the floor, screaming as loud as she could. Later that day, she didn’t remember doing that.

Another time, Eight was gone. She was five at the time. Lady looked all around for her. Eventually, it was discovered that Eight had left the house and walked a mile up the road to a UDF. She didn’t recall how she had got there.

Yet another more recent time, after the new baby had been born, Eight was discovered one day holding a pillow over the babies face.

As we sat in the room, I felt the energy from the basement coming to me. In these instances, when a spirit comes to me, if I can find anything that can help me feel more sane about the situation and not like a loon, I feel blessed. Luckily for me, when this spirit was coming to me, I got my proof he was there. The baby on the floor would look up from his toys at seemingly nothing, smile real big and giggle. The dog in the garage would begin barking and growling wildly. When the spirit would leave me, the baby would go back to the toys and the dog would stop making noise.

Eventually, I got a good look at the spirit coming to me. I described what he looked like to Lady, who told me it sounded just like the man she was dating before she married her current husband. He had been killed in a car wreck. I told her that when he came to me my right shin would go numb and tingle. She said when he was in the wreck, that part of his leg had been shattered.

This man was telling me things about the two spirits in the house, the dark one and the light one. He was filling me in on the situation. He told me to tell Lady that he was hanging around because he cared for her and her family, even if he couldn’t be with her, and he was trying to watch out for them and protect them, but he couldn’t do much against these two spirits.

And then he gave me the picture of a woman. I described the woman to Lady. Young, but long straight white hair. Lady’s face turned pale white and she gasped, her eyes wide. She asked me how I knew her and I told her, it was what this man was giving me in my head.

Lady told me who this woman was. She was her husbands first wife, before Lady married him. They had lived in that house. They had two kids, a boy and a girl, both in their mid teens. Things started going down hill for the couple and the lady began acting strangely, like she was going crazy. They split up and she continued to get crazier, but she did have visitation rights with her kids. She got them on the weekends.

One weekend when she came to pick them up, everyone saw that she had died her hair completely white. She got the kids and took them out. She took them somewhere, to a park I think, killed them both and then killed herself.

That’s what Five had been telling me in the basement.

Lady was impressed, as was I. I was glad to be able to verify that much info. And that’s when the things started really going down.

To Be Continued…


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