That Small Indiana House Pt. 2

Being that this was a small country house in Indiana, it had an outhouse in the back yard. This was the only place to use the bathroom (unless you found a bush). One night Chris decided she had to use the bathroom but didn’t want to go all the way out to the outhouse, so she went outside to the side of the house and squatted.

Then she was surrounded by light. She said something came to her from the sky and was shining a spot light on her. The wind was blowing hard but there was no other sound. Then she said she began being pulled upwards toward the light and she had to grab onto the clothesline to keep from being pulled away. Then the light and the wind were both gone instantly and she fell to the ground. She ran into the house and stayed there.

Another night when my dad was there, he was in the kitchen and they were eating. He said the kitchen lit up as if someone had pulled in the driveway with their headlights on. Then the lights grew brighter quickly, as if the person were driving fast right at the house. He said the lights seemed to go right through the kitchen and then they were gone. They expected the house to be smashed to bits, but nothing happened after that.

One time my dad had to stay with them for a while. His car had broken down so he was using their old pick up truck to go to work. He was working in Oxford with the Sanitation crew. As he drove towards Oxford in the dark early morning, the truck suddenly shut off. As he rolled to a stop, he said the winds picked up and he was surrounded by light. He said the corn fields were blowing around like crazy and in another field he could see cows tilted into the wind trying to stay standing. The hood on the truck melted. Then it all stopped.

He walked back to the house and told them what had happened. They were upset about the truck, but realized he hadn’t caused it when they noticed the corn was all knocked over and burned. Later, inmates at the Butler County Jail reported seeing lights all over in the sky that were dancing around.

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