That Small Indiana House Pt. 1

One of the first memories I have with my abilities, and this very well may have been the first experience I had where I could feel the presence of spirits was while I was living in The House. My dad and I were driving around, as we did all the time, and we were in Indiana, just outside of Oxford, OH. As we drove down the long, country road, I suddenly started feeling odd. I asked my dad if there was something coming up I should know about and he said we were close to Chris’s house.

Chris was a lady friend of my dads. I’m not sure how they met, but she was a nice lady who had lost her husband in the war (I believe) and was lonely. She did have a daughter and a son, but I’m not sure if there were any other kids, but the daughter was just a little younger than my dad and they were best friends, like brother and sister. He’d often take her out on his motorcycle and hang out with her. The son was away in the army.

Being that Chris was lonely, she’d have parties every night. It didn’t matter who you were or if you knew her, you were welcome in her house to eat the tons of food she made all the time, party with the other people who were there, and sleep where ever there was a place.

One night, the son was home on leave. He was real big into drugs, mostly cocaine. He also spoke with a lisp and had nasal issues brought on by the drug use.

That night as the party went on, my dad was in the living room with a bunch of others. Separating the hallway from the living room (and for temperature control) there was a sheet hung up in the doorway. My dad said that all of a sudden the sheet blew up from the floor until it was laying flat on the ceiling, and the son walked out into the living room, although it appeared he was floating, and there was a mist around him. His face was covered in blood and he collapsed on the floor. They rushed him to the hospital.

After the doctors took care of him, they told my dad and Chris that he had been hit in the nose, and if he had been hit a hair harder, it would have pushed his nose into his brain and killed him.

When he came to, he told them what had happened. He was sleeping in his old room and he was awakened by something. He looked around and nobody was there, but he heard a voice that sounded just like his dads. The voice said, “there will be no more drugs in my house” and then it felt as if he were hit in the face with a baseball bat. That’s all he remembered.

I believe he quit doing drugs after that. And his lisp and nasal problems were both gone.


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