New Year’s In Tennessee

Back before I was born, when my mom and dad were still just dating, they were living in Tennessee. One New Year’s Eve they were at a friends house partying. This particular friend lived in a house that sat down off of the road, and the road in front of the house made a hard curve around a sharp bend. As you were going around the bend you could look down and see the top of the house.

As they were partying, my mom looked over at the open door and into the hallway and saw a little person walk by wearing an old school night gown and cap. My mom mentioned to the friend that their daughter looked cute in her night gown and cap. They said their daughter didn’t have a night gown and cap. My dad had also looked over and caught a glimpse of this person as well.

That was when the friends told them that it wasn’t their daughter, it was their ghost. The little old lady who had owned the house before them was killed when a drunk driver flew off of the road and the car went through the roof, landing on the lady. My mom and dad are divorced and have been for the last 22 years. They disagree on everything, but they both tell the same story when it comes to this place.


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