Grandma’s Other House

Years ago when my Grandmother decided to get out on her own and move to Cincinnati, before she moved in with my Grandfather into the house I’m in now, she bought a new house that had just been built. She moved herself, my mom and one of my aunt’s into it with her. My mom and aunt were still in High School.

My aunt was dating this guy, who could best be described as a “Greaser” type guy. Had a hot rod, always wore boots and a leather jacket, slicked back hair. Probably had a switch blade in his pocket.

They dated for a long time. Every night he’d come to see her by sneaking into her room. The driveway ran alongside the house and moms bedroom was next to it. The driveway went around to the back of the house where there was a bigger parking area. The driveway was gravel. My mom said she could hear his boots walking up the driveway every night.

He’d get to my aunt’s room and tap on the window, and she’d let him in. They’d do whatever they’d do and then he’d leave.

For whatever reason, my aunt decided she didn’t want to date the guy, and she had met another guy who is now my uncle. That might be the reason why. In any case, she dumped this greaser dude and that was that.

He met with my aunt one more time after they broke up to talk about things. He walked up the driveway, tapped on her window, she let him in and they discussed things. And then he left. The phone rang.

My aunt went into the living room and answered it. It was a friend of hers who was hysterical, saying that my aunt’s ex greaser boyfriend had killed himself an hour before. My aunt told her it was impossible because she had just spent the last hour talking with him in her room. That’s when she looked up and saw him staring at her through the living room window, with blood all over his face and head. She screamed and he disappeared.

He had been so upset by them breaking up, he went driving around in his hot rod with a buddy of his. He had his pistol out and was shooting mailboxes or something. They pulled into a UDF parking lot and he turned the pistol on himself and shot himself in the head, killing himself. This all happened before he showed up at her bedroom to talk.

As time went on, my mom would still hear his boots walking up the driveway and my aunt would still hear the taps on the window. It got to be such a problem that my aunt begged my mom to switch her rooms, so they switched. My mom told me she then could hear the tapping on the window every night.

Other things that happened in this house; when my Grandmother’s Grandmother passed away (I believe that’s who it was), my Grandmother was in the kitchen and she had a bunch of kitchen utensils hanging on the wall. They all began to shake and sway and some fell from the wall. She knew then that her Grandmother had passed, and she had.

One night my Grandmother awoke to find the sheets covering her were floating on the ceiling, covering it instead.

She also continued to find my aunt’s greaser ex boyfriend’s cigarette butts in the ashtrays around the house, even after he died. Nobody in the house smoked that brand of cigarette and they would always appear.

I believe that’s all that happened in the house. Eventually my Grandmother fell in love with my Grandfather and moved in with him, selling the house to my aunt and her new husband, my current uncle. Their first child, and maybe their second, were born in that house. I remember going over there once, but I had to have been about two years old. I don’t remember it well, but do remember it. Eventually they sold the house and bought a new one.

Recently, well, a couple of years ago, I was delivering pizza and had to deliver to that house. When I got there, the lady who lives there with her husband and their kids was sitting on the front porch on the phone. I gave her the order and she gave me the money. I almost walked away but I had to ask.

I excused myself for interrupting her phone conversation and asked her if anything strange ever happened at the house. She looked at me with a look, spoke into the phone, “I’ll call you back” and promptly hung up. She then asked me what I meant and I said “anything paranormal”. She then started to tell me about odd things happening, and how she always feels as if someone were walking around the house, but mainly up the driveway. She was scared that someone was stalking her or her family and her husband worked third shift, but he was concerned for her as well.

I told her what I knew and she said it all made sense to her. She was thankful to finally know something about it. I was happy to know that the incidents were still going on, and that my mom, aunt and Grandmother were all right all along, although to this day my aunt won’t talk about it and still doesn’t believe in ghosts.


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