The Ouija

I mentioned earlier that I don’t believe in Ouija boards, for the most part. Well, here is that “other part”.

When I lived in the house that I grew up in, my sisters used to use a Ouija board to talk to the spirits inside the house. I never joined them in this, but my one sister would always tell me about what went on later.

The one instance she told me about happened when I was probably in the third or fourth grade. Her and her friends talked to Keith Zeus, and he told her he was a sixteen year old boy who was buried under our house. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and he wanted my sister to be his girlfriend.

Even at that age I knew enough about spirits that they could potentially possess you, if they were the right kind of spirit, of course. I asked her what she said and she had told him she couldn’t date him because she had a boyfriend. I told her that was good because he might be looking for a way into her body, perverted jokes aside.

I had basically forgotten about this until I was in the tenth grade. A girl who sat behind me began telling me about her Ouija board experience the night before. She told me she talked to a sixteen year old boy named Keith “something” and suddenly it all came back to me. I said “Zeus?” and her face went pale white.

We exchanged information on him to find out that she had spoken with the same spirit, apparently. The only difference is, he didn’t tell her he was buried under her house, he said he was buried somewhere in the city.

This girl had gone to school with me in both the third and fourth grade, but she didn’t know any of my family other than me and there was no way she would have remembered that from back then even if she had heard it. Of course the chance is there, but I seriously doubt it. I know her, it’s almost impossible. She also lived on the other side of the city from that house.

So who is this Keith Zeus? Is he really buried under my old house? I haven’t done much research on it but plan to one day. If it turns out that there is a body under the house and it’s the answer to an age old murder mystery, then I’ll be fully on board with the Ouija. Until then, the coincidence of the stories and huge improbability that the second girl was lying, is still creepy.

The only other option is, it’s an age old story that has been passed down from generation to generation and they both used it as their own story as many others have, but I don’t know anybody else who’s ever heard of this story. Strange, indeed.

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