My Hunting

The area I grew up in has a lot of ghostly activity going on in it and I’m not sure why, but it seems to be a pretty haunted city. The house I grew up in was haunted, as I’ve mentioned, and most of my friends houses were haunted. All but just a couple I experienced things in myself.

One of the first places, maybe the first, that I had been asked to check out was a friend of mine named Jessica. Her house had so much activity going on in it that her mother began documenting the incidents and was going to write a book about it. I’m not sure if that ever happened, and I’d love to get my hands on those incidents, but here’s something that happened while I was there.

Jessica told me that her ghosts seemed to become more active if you taunted them, or talked smack to them. So that’s what I did. We waited until her parents were gone and we sat in the living room. Another person was with us who also experienced this.

As we sat in the living room, I began talking loudly about how her ghosts sucked and how they were all pussies and on and on. At one point the guy with us said he heard something whisper in his ear. This was a common thing in the house, and one that he didn’t know about.

Finally, something happened. We heard something slam. We looked at each other, wondering where it had come from. I thought a car door outside had shut, but Jessica said it had come from the kitchen. I got up and walked into the kitchen. There was a drinking glass on the kitchen table that was probably what had caused the noise, although I’m not sure. But when I went into the kitchen I felt the presence of the ghosts that were there. This was one of the strongest vibes I have ever picked up.

Instantly my vision almost went completely out and I felt as if I were floating. It was like I was passing out, but not. I got a visual in my head of what was there. There were two ghosts, one an older man and the other a little girl. The man seemed pissed and wanted to basically show that he was there and he was a force. The girl seemed scared, like the man abused her and she didn’t like to be under his control.

I never got the relationship from them or why they were there, just the image of them standing there where I was. I ran, well, floated, back into the living room wide-eyed and trying to speak. Jessica said I was as white as a ghost. I felt like it. When I explained what they looked like, especially the man, she was shocked.

She called her aunt who lived a couple of streets over and told her about it. This was the same man that they had been seeing around their house.

Eventually Jess’s family got their pastor to come over and bless the house and to rid the house of evil spirits. That’s where he failed, because in doing so, he got rid of the man, but the girl remained. She wasn’t evil.

The family moved out of the house a few years ago, but the time they were there after the blessing they were still haunted by the girl. Only the hauntings changed. Instead of hateful type incidents, they were more playful. You could often hear the pitter patter of feet running across the upstairs. Some times while I was there I could feel the spirit of the little girl following me, and she always seemed happy. That made me happy.

Despite not knowing EVERYTHING that went on there, I did have one other story about something that happened while I was there, and one story from Jessica that I remember. First, her story.

The girl wasn’t happy with that man, this I know. I don’t know why other than he was a mean spirit, and that might be all that it was. Jessica told me one day she got home from school and nobody was home. She went to the bathroom and while she was in there she heard a little girl crying, and the crying seemed to get closer until Jess figured whoever it was, was right outside the bathroom door, just crying. Jess finished up what she was doing and decided she wasn’t going to stay in the house. She left the bathroom, went to the kitchen to leave a note for her mom that she would be home later when other people were there, and she ran out of the house. She told me that the crying followed her until she left.

The other thing, and it still makes me laugh, was one day when I was at her house and we were just about to leave. She was walking around looking for her purse. I was standing at the front door. Finally, as she was standing at the bottom of the steps that led upstairs to her room, I watched as her purse flew down the stairs and hit her in the chest, falling to the floor. Jess’s eyes were wide as she looked from the purse to the top of the steps. I laughed hard. It was like the ghost was saying “Here, damn, get out already!”


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