The House That Raised Me Pt. 3

Only one thing happened in my parents bedroom that I know of. One night while my dad was sleeping, alone, he was awakened by something grabbing him around the ankle (just one) and pulling him off of the bed along with all of the covers. He jumped up and went through the house, trying to find someone there who would have done that. Nobody was there.

That wasn’t all that happened to my dad, though. During the time that the above happened, things were real bad with the family. My step mom had gone back to her bad ways and the family was being ripped apart. She was almost never home, and if she was, she was with some other guy in her and my dad’s bed. My dad had nailed the windows shut in my bedroom because when he’d come home, she was sneaking those guys out of my bedroom windows.

I wasn’t living there at this time. I had moved in with my mom across town, but visited him frequently. I firmly believe that house had everything to do with us being broken up as a family. It tortured us. Now, I don’t believe in Ouija boards (for the most part), but my sisters and I found a few things out about the house, whether they’re true or not I don’t know, but it’s a place to start.

Apparently, the family we had bought the house from had bought the house from a man. This man sold the house because his wife had died. One night they had an argument that got really heated. She walked out of the front door into the front yard for whatever reason, to get fresh air, whatever. He shut and locked the front door. She dove through the windows and bled to death on the living room floor.

This is something we found out from the people we bought the house from that my dad later shared with me. We always figured it was the spirit of the lady who was keeping our front door from being locked when we left the house.

What we found out from the Ouija board, though, was that the house was full with six ghosts, who hated us and hated each other. Again, whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. But I do know it’s a little freaky that we lived there for 6 years, there were 6 of us and there were supposedly 6 ghosts.

When things were bad between my step mom and my dad, he began sleeping on the couch in the living room. He worked (and was the only one working at this point) as a garbage man, getting up for work at 3 in the morning. Fearful of who my step mom was bringing home, he slept with a baseball bat next to the couch.

He would often tell us of these horrible nightmares he was having. He would be in some third world country, surrounded by starving kids. And they’d all be reaching at him, touching them with their hands. Then he’d be laying on the couch, with the kids all around him still reaching for him. Only then they would have worms crawling out of their mouths, noses and eyes.

And then it happened. Possibly the creepiest thing to happen in that house. One night while my dad was sleeping on the couch, he was awakened suddenly by a bang. He sat up on the couch and looked down the hall. My bedroom door was shut. When he stayed there by himself, he left all of the doors in the house open.

The door wasn’t just shut, it was shaking, as if someone were on the other side of it trying to get out. And there was more noise.

He grabbed the ball bat, fearing that my step mom was home and messing with him. He walked to the door and yelled in at her to stop messing around. The noise stopped, and the door stopped shaking. He opened the door and everything seemed fine. Once he was back in the hallway, the door slammed shut behind him and the noise continued. He sat on the couch with the TV on as loud as he could stand it to drown out the noise. It continued happening until he left for work. This happened three times to him, once to my step mom and once to a mutual friend of theirs who happened to be staying the night one night.

Those noises they all heard? Aside from the bedroom door slamming shut and shaking as if someone were trying to get out, both windows in the room were opening and slamming shut and both closet doors were doing the same. When my dad had gone in to check to see what was going on that first time, he noticed both windows were still nailed shut. They always were, even though they were banging open and shut.


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