The House That Raised Me Pt. 2

When things really got going in the house, only the craziest of things went on. This is a blog about those things that happened in my sister’s tiny little room.

My oldest step sister was the one who used the room the most until she moved out of the house about a year before we all did. She was always telling us about how she felt watched while she was sleeping. She often heard foot steps shuffling across her carpeted floor until whoever it was was standing next to her bed, staring at her.

One night she swore she woke up to find herself floating about a foot above her bed. She said she stayed that way for only a moment after she awoke before dropping back down into her bed. She ran out of the house and stayed with a friend of hers that night who lived right down the street from us.

Later on, she had a boyfriend who was living with us. Often, he’d be sleeping in her bed alone while she was at her friends house down the street. He also told us of the shuffling on the carpet, except he said he often heard the shuffling stop at the bed and then he heard more shuffling that sounded as if someone were sitting down next to the bed on the floor.

For a while, my step mom decided to change her life and go to church. Things had been getting bad between her and my dad, mostly due to her drinking and doing drugs and staying out all hours of the night with other men. After talking with one of our neighbors, she decided to go to church and fix her life. It worked for a while, but this isn’t a story about that.

While she was going to church, she switched between a few and finally settled on the Mormon church. It wasn’t long before she had missionaries coming to the house to teach her and us kids about the Lord. The two guys who came to our house were really cool and I always looked forward to them coming. They always made sure to make our house the last stop so they could get through their lessons and then spend time playing with me and my sisters. They were really cool.

One day when they stopped by, only myself and my step mom were home. The two missionaries were in the living room getting set up and my step mom was in the kitchen doing something. I went to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, I looked straight across the hall and into my sisters bedroom. What I saw was straight out of the Amityville Horror.  There were hundreds of giant house flies all over the window. They weren’t flying around or buzzing, just crawling around on the window.

Before I continue, that particular window had been rigged by my oldest sister to never lock. It could be opened from the outside. She did this so she could sneak in and out of the house whenever she wanted. We all knew about it, but she was never stopped.

I walked through the living room, past the missionaries, and into the kitchen. I told my step mom about the flies. She went to the door and looked in with me and we both saw them. She said she was heading outside to open the window and let them all out.

As she did this, I sat down in the living room with the missionaries. They hadn’t heard any of our conversation. Suddenly, my step mom came back into the living room and told me they weren’t there. She was just about to open the window when she saw the flies were all gone.

I got up and we both went to the door to look in, and just as she said, they were all gone. Not a trace of them, not one fly. Just then, both missionaries stood up, collected their stuff and said “We have to go.” And they did.

They had been back to the house many times after that, and neither would ever speak of what happened that day. I have no idea if something told them to leave or what happened. It still creeps me out to this day.


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