Grandma’s House Pt. 1

I first moved in with my Grandmother when I was eighteen. My mom and I had gotten into a fight and she threw me out. If you ask her, I left. Never mind that, when I moved in with my Grandmother, things started happening.

My Grandmother had been witness to some pretty messed up things throughout her life, paranormally speaking. After a few incidents at the house that I had encountered, I finally spoke with her about it and she said that she had known for a long time about this house. It was then that we both began sharing these things.

When I lived here the first time, I was living in the back of the house. The house is set up, basically, like a two family house. So I stayed in the back part of the house, in the second family part. That part of the house is just two rooms, a kitchen and a big living room, or entertainment room as it should really be. Since I had basically one room for everything, I slept on the floor on a mattress. It was positioned so that to my left was the couch with about a foot clearance between it and the mattress and to the right was my TV, with about three feet clearance.

Most nights I would lay there, trying to go to sleep, and I would hear shuffling on the carpet, as if someone were walking around my bed. I also heard the familiar sounds of the floor creaking, which is how I could track the movements. Those creaks only happened when someone was walking on the floor.

I heard that off and on for several weeks. And then the noises from the stairs happened.

There’s one basement to the house but two sets of stairs going to it. The first set is an old wooden case that was built when the house was originally built, and it leads from the basement up to the main part of the house.

The addition was added a few years later, and was where I was staying. The stair case it has leading to the basement is cement. There is a wood door at the top of the steps separating the main room from the stairs. At the bottom of the steps is a small landing where there are two doors. One that is just a screen door and leads outside and the other is a heavier wooden door that leads into the basement. On this door, the handle jiggles and is very loose. Actually, it doesn’t even latch anymore. The door just stays shut from being a tight fit in the frame.

When the noise in the stairs started, I wasn’t really aware of it, although I was. I heard the noises, they were new noises to the house that I didn’t know, but they weren’t really anything to worry about. All I heard was a slap or two. Basically, it sounded like a shoe was stepping on one of the steps. I put it off.

Then it started building, there were more of those sounds, coming up the steps. Somebody was walking up the stairs! Three nights in a row I’d hear this and I would jump up, grab the shotgun in my closet and open the door, quickly turning the hall light on that lights up the steps. I figured somebody had somehow quietly came in through the screen door and was in the house. But, I found nobody there.

After the third time of catching nobody, I finally gave up and just laid in bed, listening to whoever it was walking up the steps. And then more happened. It was like a movie being pieced together each night until finally I got the whole thing. When it was all said and done and the entire thing played out, this is what happened.

I could hear the handle of the door at the bottom of the steps jiggling. It would stop, and the foot steps on the stairs would happen. I’d hear them all the way up to the door at the top of the steps, just about ten feet from my bed. Then that door handle would jiggle as if someone were trying to open it. I always kept it locked, thankfully.

These noises happened every night for six months until finally it stopped… with a bang. One night after those noises went through their progressions and stopped, I heard the foot steps around my bed again. I was laying down, facing the couch to my left and I heard the foot steps directly behind my head between me and the TV. I turned quickly to see nothing there, as per usual.

I turned my head back to the way I had it and laid it back down and closed my eyes. I then did an open eye blink, where I had my eyes open for just a second. And in that second, I saw a woman sitting on the couch, just a foot away from me, staring at me with her head tilted to the side. I’m getting chills just remembering this and writing it.

She was wearing a long white night gown and nothing else. She had long white, straight hair. I couldn’t see a face.

I screamed and opened my eyes and she was gone. After that night, the noises stopped. A few months later I’d hear variations of those noises every now and then, but never like it had been. I asked my Grandmother who she was and she didn’t know. She said she could have been my Grandfather’s first wife who lived in this house with him until they got their divorce and he met my Grandmother. She hadn’t died in this house, though, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be her.

That was the only time I’ve ever seen her, and it was actually the only time I’ve ever physically seen a ghost.


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